What Was Your First Monster?

The air smelled like poison as the wind whistled through the ruin. My feet ached as I approached a hole in the ground. Dust and pebbles blew by my freshly stained boots.
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Suddenly, out of that black hole burst forth this worm thing. Chunks of green slime plopped onto the rubble around it, and I gagged at the odor that invaded the air, even as I went sprawling face-first to the ground. That’s when I felt prickly feelers slithering their way through my hair. My entire head burned as if on fire.

My palms pushed against the rubble, trying to get my heavy body up. My pounding head tried to get my bloodshot eyes to stare at the thing, to face it. My only thought… This thing needs to die!

But something was wrong… What? My arms, my legs… I can’t…

I used every last bit of my sapping strength to stare up at it.

I roared as I faced my monster.

We’ve all faced monsters in our RPGs, and the first time is something special.

I love Dungeons & Dragons, and that’s where the angelic music sounded for me.  I knew right then I wanted to play in this world forever. 

When did you hear the music? What was your first monster?

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