Attack the Darkness: Roll a d6!

One of the most wonderful things about the age we play D&D in today is all the access to different technology and media we have and all the creative genius emerging through it.  While the “I Attack the Darkness!” video is indeed classic, here’s another, fresh D&D video gem – complete with music:

While I’m more of a progressive rock, hard rock, alt rock, symphonic metal and electronica and trance music lover, this video was incredibly well done by a creative and passionate group of D&D guy and girl gamers and I wanted to make sure you didn’t miss it! 

Continuing along the lines of the genres above, some bands like Metallica, Megadeth and even Led Zeppelin have specifically mentioned some fantasy elements in their songs over the years, from Cthulhu to Gollum.  What are some songs you think would make for great D&D music videos?  Or some that already do?  Share yours here and stick to my favorite genres above for bonus points!

And if you’re looking for ideas and discussion surrounding the music you use as a backdrop or soundtrack for your D&D playgroup, check out Monte Cook’s classic A Soundtrack for Your Game (which is how my collection started!), his More Music for Your Game, or Geek’s Dream Girl’s recent Beyond Zeppelin: Using Music to Set a Mood in RPGs

Which movie or similar fantasy-esque soundtracks do you use for your games?  Do you find that background music really helps set the mood for epic D&D adventure and heroics?  We love it in our games – what about you?

Update: Looking for more on the guys and girls behind Roll a d6?  Check out this Spotlight Interview by Wizards of the Coast.

8 Responses to “Attack the Darkness: Roll a d6!”

  1. Tourq says:

    My buddy sent me this video a few days ago. As it started, I started to cringe, then it kind of grew on me!
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    • Kilsek says:

      Yeah, the very start of it I don’t like either only because it sort of promotes a tired gaming and D&D stereotype – it’s 2011, if you love gaming and D&D, who gives a damn, JUST SAY IT! haha Fortunately, 99% of the music video is genius and made of pure awesome.

  2. James says:

    I feel the same about the genre of music in which “Roll a D6” was done, but fully and completely LOVE THE SONG/VID! It may well (now) be the only song of the genre I like!!
    To the other point, I share many of the same musical tastes, and have always thought that the songs of my all-time fave metal band, Slayer, were bursting with D&D application! Not so much the overtly satanic/anti-Christian songs, but soooo many others. The stage can be set for encounters (or *impending* encounters) with some really nasty and vile beings, using snippets – and even entire passages – of these lyrics. The music is just skull-[fragging]ly good too, but not necessarily well-suited to “background music.” Introductory/background information though? Vile commentary? Definitely.
    For actual background music, I’ll generally use on of either Midnight Syndicate’s Dungeons & Dragons Soundtrack, or one of The Lord of the Rings soundtracks.

    • Kilsek says:

      James, I definitely understand that metal bands like Slayer can fit the fantasy genre, but like you said, not necessarily as background music. Maybe before the session starts, to get the blood pumping – that’s what I do sometimes, playing some progressive or hard rock or metal myself (Tool most often, love Tool) before switching over to more fantasy background-oriented music for the night, like the ones you mentioned.

      Thanks for your comment, James, and welcome to Leonine Roar!

      • James says:

        My pleasure, sir – shout out to Geek’s Dream Girl would be in order I ‘spose, as I came across this via your link in your comment on the rpg freelancing article there.
        I’m with ya on THAT, too, btw! (the freelancing thing)

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