Project News: Introducing… Faster Combat!

What is the most exciting yet most time-consuming part of your games?  That’s right, the exhilarating and pitched combat that we all love in our favorite tabletop RPG. 

Combat can drag, for many reasons.  But what if you had a wealth of game knowledge and design tricks to launch and conclude combat quickly – without sacrificing the excitement?  Is there a way to achieve such combat enlightenment? 

There is now!  This past summer Johnn Four (a force in the RPG industry for a dozen years with immensely helpful sites like Roleplaying Tips and its famous newsletter) and I talked about collaborating to create a new and powerful instructional guide and resource to help all D&D and Pathfinder GMs who wanted to take their combats to the next level – and do it fast! 

And so, Johnn and I teamed up to create and bring you Faster Combat

This isn’t like any other RPG combat resource you’ve ever seen – it’s a deep dive: a 52 week course! 

After all, helping fellow gamers amp up their game is something I’m passionate about, as you’ve seen from Leonine Roar since its humble beginnings.  Thank you so much for being a loyal reader and fan.

Want to learn more and get in our early bird bonus as we close in our Faster Combat launch?  Sure you do!  That’s why I’m making this early announcement, to reward our first few fans as we continue to tighten the bolts and get out the bugs on the way to our official launch.  

Just go to Faster Combat to grab our early bird discount code while it lasts.  Quick and easy.

We’re polishing off and firing up our first lesson plans for you as we speak – see you there!

To your GMing success!


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