The Leonine 12: D&D’s Top Blogs & Creative Minds

Where in the blogosphere do you go to think, read and talk D&D? 

Right now, this is my list, and I hope you visit them and come back anytime – I’ll still be here!   Their quality creative work – blogs, ideas, community and products – keep me coming back for more.  They are players, fans, writers and game designers just like you and me who keep our wonderful and unique hobby alive and well.  Explore their corner of the web and you’ll see what I mean.

The Leonine 12: D&D’s Top Blogs & Creative Minds

Thank you and keep up the great work guys!

  • Angry DM – wonderfully cerebral gaming advice that makes you think, in spite of – or because of? – his ‘anger’!
  • At Will – ‘inspired 4e design’ indeed – in-depth design angles on skills, monsters, and nearly every aspect of D&D.
  • Chaotic Shiny – ah, good ol’ classic random RPG generators… imagine like a billion of them all in one place!
  • Critical Hits – metric tons of D&D-related and beyond gamer content.  The ‘Journal of Gamer Culture’ – nice!
  • Dungeon Mastering – originally started by Yax, with good blogs, ideas and tools for the smooth game we all want.
  • Dungeon’s Master – great blogging, nearly every day, about everything D&D – one of my first stops each day.
  • Glimm’s Workshop – I’m big on atmosphere and cinematic feel in my D&D and so is the gnome! 
  • Newbie DM – learning and teaching D&D is always important to me, and Newbie’s insights are tremendous.
  • Robert J. Schwalb – D&D designer whose recent ideas on more organic dungeon design got my attention.
  • Roleplaying Tips – TWELVE years of helpful, quality roleplaying game tips?  Johnn Four knows what he’s doing. 
  • Sarah Darkmagic – Sarah’s down-to-earth blog talks about technology, DM tools, game mechanics and more. 
  • Sly Flourish – ‘Building the Better D&D 4e Dungeon Master.’  I especially love Mike Shea’s in-game pics and videos.

I’m sure there’s many more excellent blogs out there.  These twelve blogsites are basically the folks who represent what I’d call my most like-minded D&D players and gamers.  Who else do you recommend and why?  I want to know who else rocks when it comes to D&D blogs!

4 Responses to “The Leonine 12: D&D’s Top Blogs & Creative Minds”

  1. Johnn says:

    Don’t forget Gnome Stew. It’s always got great RPG advice and info. Great community too.

    And Kobold Quarterly. PFRPG and 4E love.

    Thanks for the plug, Kilsek!

    • Kilsek says:

      Johnn, thanks for the great links! I remember reading entertaining Gnome Stew articles a few years ago previewing D&D 4e before or right around its release. First playtest experiences. Both informative and funny from what I remember. Their site now looks amazing! And I’ve heard of Kobold Quarterly but now I’ll have to dig in and learn more about them. Hmm, that Encounter Codex series alone looks awesome. Thanks again!

  2. 3D ontwerp says:

    Hello, great article, I just set your site in my favourites so I can keep following it. Cheers.

    • Kilsek says:

      Thanks for commenting 3D! These sites are quality stuff, and I’ve since added Gnome Stew and Kobold Quarterly to the list after exploring their content. Leonine 14 it is! If you’re looking for a few laughs plus informed content, Gnome Stew is especially perfect. Don’t rub the gnome!

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