Summer 2012 & What Do We Play Next?

Hey everyone!  I know, you want more quality Leonine Roar content.  So do I! 

Work is the #1 answer.  (Ohh – D&D Family Feud?  I love that show!  I might just work on that…)  I have tons of great work right now, and love it, so that’s awesome!  

Yet, I apologize for the quieter summer stream of LR fine wine mix of RPG crunch and flavor articles, even as I’m sure many of you are also naturally sitting back and enjoying the summer and your vacations as well.

Speaking of vacations, I’ll be taking a break from and reviewing a few projects – including LR – for most of August, coming back after Labor Day weekend.

But just before I head south for my Chultan paradise to rest my mind and body – and hunt dinosaurs and find a certain frigid ring – I’ll give you some of my ideas on vacations in D&D or any RPG.  How do you fit them in?  How do you make them fun and memorable – just like in real life?  How do you add fun, exciting twists that turn them into true adventures?

So talk to you again soon, keep enjoying your summer, keep playing and thanks for reading Leonine Roar!  (And help answer my questions in my P.S. below too please, here or @LeonineRoar on Twitter, thanks!)



P.S.  Playing our Dragon Age campaign right now through the end of summer, where I’m one of the players and my brother’s DMing – he’s fantastic and so is the system, as I’m sure you’ve seen me rave about.  So that means it’s time to start planning for the next D&D campaign I’ll be DMing starting in September. 

Two questions for you, if you could help me out:

1) Which D&D edition should we play in our new September campaign? 

Never thought this would come up until I playtested D&D Next on Free RPG Day and then my brother expressed a great lack of enthusiasm in playing 4e again after both that and his love of the Dragon Age mechanics.  But he brought it up, and that sealed it.  It’s a question worth pondering.

2) What campaign flavor, theme or setting should we play? 

We’ve done A LOT of dark fantasy lately, so I’d like a break from that.  I love it, but I don’t want to get burnt out on it either.  I love me some variety.  Theme-wise, I could go for some good old high fantasy or sword and sorcery type stuff.  Setting-wise, I’ve yet to play or DM Dark Sun since 2e, so that’s on the list.  4e Realms too – we were huge, huge 2e and 3e Reams players.  Never got a chance to play or DM Eberron either.  My playgroup has a bunch of other ideas too!  What’s your advice?

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