Heroes on Holiday: While You Were Away…

It’s the middle of summer and everybody’s on vacation.  Even you.  Yes, you!  And guess what, your characters are sneaking in a vacation too.  That’s right, even they need to get away from risking their lives every second for gold, glory and immortality. 

A lot can happen to heroes on holiday, though – at both the destination and back home.  Here are some vacation hooks sure to bring adventure to an otherwise relaxing time away from swords, spells and dragons. 

As a player, you can use these ideas to help describe your character’s downtime and background events and actions. 

As a DM, use these ideas for whole new story twists and adventures – and even separate game sessions!

5 Holiday Hooks

1. Solo Adventure.  Got a “solo” quest you’ve beem wanting to do since you created your character?  Talk to your DM and make it happen.  Lots of gamers on vacation, so a quick one-shot session to wrap up a personal loose end is a great way to spend a game night  or two until the band’s back together.  Or as DM, look through the party’s backstories and find a side quest that captures your imagination.  Ask if the player’s up for a quick game.

2. Paradise Lost.  You arrive at your favorite vacation spot only to discover a ghost town or ruin.  Everyone and everything is gone, destroyed or dead.  What was once a gorgeous and relaxing vista is now ugly, unsettling and utterly unwelcoming.  Who or what did this – to your favorite getaway, and why?

3. Festival Week.  Depending on your point of view, you picked the best or worst time to go on vacation.  Your favorite getaway is celebrating a historic event all week.  Art, culture, contests, games, sports and more are flooding the streets with visitors from all over the world.  Food and drink are plentiful as every enjoys the entire week’s events.  Want to throw in a fantasy board game, a card game, puzzles, riddles or some other non-traditional D&D “game within a game” into the session?  There’s no better time than Festival Week!

4. Home Sweet Home?   Unfortunately, while you were away, crime took place – in your backyard.  Your apartment, house, mansion, tower, castle or village were broken into to – but only one thing – or person – was taken.  Who or what is gone, and who dared?  Another mystery to solve, and the stakes could be quite high.  One of your most prized possessions needs to be recovered – or one of your friends or family members must be rescued.

5. Marooned.  Island paradise your idea of a great vacation?  That means a ship to get you there safely – or not so much.  Sea monsters, pirates or storms cause the ship to veer far off course, damaging or destroying the ship, leaving the party safe but stranded on an island in the middle of nowhere, nearly all of their supplies washed away.  Suspicious natives and giant serpents?  Check.  Actually worrying about food, water, shelter?  It’s D&D: Lost!

Who knew RPG vacations were so rife with adventure possibilities?

And with that, I wish you all a great summer vacation!  See you in September!

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  1. Love these ideas. I’ll have to keep them in mind the next time my group can’t all be together. Even we’ve been on hiatus for three weeks while we all sort out personal stuff. I believe we’re starting up again next weekend. Looking forward to it.
    Thomas A. Knight recently posted..#pitchShredding: Inside The LinesMy Profile

  2. David says:

    Having just gotten back from Hawaii myself, I think this is just about perfect! Have fun!
    David recently posted..Back from vacation!My Profile

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