D&D Video Gems: Santa’s a 30th level Half-Elf, Half-Gnome!

Dungeon Bastarding for the Holidays

Looking for some D&D-flavored holiday laughs?  Then once more, you need the Dungeon Bastard!

Found this 2011 holiday gem from Bill Cavalier, also known as The Adventure Coach.  “William” strikes gold again – this time for the holidays!


Santa: Level 20, 30, or 40?

And for something completely different: if you’re curious what Santa’s stat block might look like, check out this great Paizo/Pathfinder thread.  Depending on which RPG you actually play, your level suggestion may vary!

Sorcerer or wizard?  What do you think?  Time Stop and Wish are locks for Santa, I agree!


Happy Holidays from Leonine Roar!

Your Merry GM and Player,


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