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Me-LR-About-2013What did you love most about school?  For me, it was always English class.  Stories like The Legend of King Arthur and picturing the story in mind, and then critically writing about those stories, always fired me up.  I’d order or absorb by osmosis every Choose Your Own Adventure book I could find from the library, and even won a few school creative writing contests along the way.
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One day I bought this game wrapped in a big red box, with this inspiring scene of a warrior battling a dragon on the cover.  I pleaded that night with my parents to stay home instead of going to some lame dinner party.  It was my first time “home alone” so it was a big victory for me!

I grabbed the game, colored my dice with the crayon from the box so I could see the numbers, and read and played through the solo adventure, which was wonderfully Choose Your Own Adventure in style.  I had never had so much fun with a story or game in my life.  Coolest thing ever.

Freshman year in high school, I made a new friend on the bus.  He was asking me questions about those red Dungeons & Dragons booklets I was looking through.  In our first group game, my new friend showed me how to role play for the first time – to get in character like actors do in varying their voice pitch or facial expressions – and how much more engaging and entertaining the game could be.

So now, my favorite new story and game was also theatre?  Awesome!

To this day, I’m still – and always will be – all about a healthy imagination, games, writing, music and art.

That’s me and that’s how my passion for fantasy roleplaying games and Dungeons & Dragons started.

How did it start for you?


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