D&D Music Video Gems: Summer of ’83!

March 30th, 2016

Favicon-jpgMikey Mason crits once more with another killer D&D song!

Love how he sings about how he (and me!) got into D&D for the first time… epic work, Mikey!

Want more awesome D&D music from Mikey?  Crit this link.

D&D Video Gems: Critical Role

February 27th, 2016

You may have asked, “Who’s that DM?  He’s awesome!” in last month’s D&D video gem.  I know I did!

He’s voice actor Matthew Mercer from Geek and Sundry’s Critical Role, and he and his (all-voice actor) playgroup remind me a lot of my own immersive roleplaying and storytelling DM style – and all the tremendous laughs we have at our own game table!

Loved episode 1 of Critical Role so much I have to share it:

P.S. I wasn’t sure I’d watch the whole session… but it was so awesome, including all the excited, inspired live viewer comments, that I couldn’t stop – it was an absolute blast!  Make the time, you’ll love it too!


D&D Video Gems: D&Diesel!

January 30th, 2016

Favicon-jpgPlenty of D&D fans know Vin Diesel plays D&D – has for a long time!  – and he even wrote the foreward for D&D’s 30th anniversary coffee table book.

Vin specializes in kicking all kinds of butt, from big screen to tabletop!

But have you seen him play?  Here you go!


Extended Cut:

P.S. I gotta say, love this playgroup’s style – and their DM is awesome!!

Special thanks to Geek & Sundry and Funny or Die

Here’s to the Best Year of Gaming: This & Next!

December 28th, 2015

Favicon-jpgLeonine Roar - Logo SSD&D 5th Edition continues to play so beautifully at the young age of around one-and-a-half, and I know I speak for many long-time, new and veteran players and DMs out there when I say I couldn’t be prouder and happier to share this tremendous game and hobby with you.

THANK YOU for making our hobby and this awesome game we love feel and play – once more – like the best roleplaying game of all time that it is!

THANK YOU so much for being a fan of Leonine Roar and my work with Johnn Four and RoleplayingTips.com for yet another glorious, gratitude-filled year.

Finally, here’s to my gaming group and all gamers around the world – once more! – and yet another tremendous year of D&D, Dragon Age and so many more great and epic tabletop RPG stories and adventures!

See you in 2016!


D&D Humor: Happy Thanksgiving!

November 22nd, 2015

Favicon-jpgThanksgiving 2015












Feast!  Feast!!  FEEEASST!!

P.S. And remember: give thanks to your gamers!



Ravenloft: Get Disintegrated… Twice!

October 30th, 2015

Favicon-jpgWhen’s the last time you played Ravenloft?  Nearly every true D&D fan has heard of or played in Ravenloft, D&D’s classic horror setting.  In fact, my playgroup has been playing in a Ravenloft Ravenloft - silver anniversary editioncampaign (with a few “visits” back home to the Forgotten Realms) for about 14 levels now, and it’s been a blast!

My brother and DM ran us through the classic Ravenloft module (loved the D&D gamebook too!).  There we attempted to negotiate with (well the greedy half-orc warrior did, BAD IDEA) – and were swiftly defeated by – the great Lord Strahd Von Zarovich himself.  Along the way, Ravenloft devoured two of my characters – both lost to disintegration!  (This just in, failed saves against the disintegrate spells or beholder eye rays are really, really bad!)

If you’re looking for classic horror in your D&D look no further than the Ravenloft setting this Halloween and beyond.  We journey back there every once in a while, as who can resist some occasional good ol’ classic horror with their D&D?

What are you favorite Ravenloft memories?  Campaign, gamebook, board game, others?  I’d love to hear your stories – especially your own disastrous encounters with Strahd Von Zarovich!

Happy Halloween everyone!


D&D Music Video Gems: Best Game Ever!

September 27th, 2015

Favicon-jpgWe’ve all had this adventure – and that player – at the table!

Mikey Mason crushes it!


Curious about the “sweet song” he mentions at the top?  Listen here: D&D Music Video Gems: Tonight by Allie Goertz.


D&D Rage of Demons: Launch Trailer

August 30th, 2015

Favicon-jpgThe top rated comment sums up my thoughts perfectly: “I’m glad to finally live in a world where DnD adventures get movie-style trailers.”


So cool seeing one of D&D’s most iconic heroes featured in the video!  As a League of Legends fan, Riot games always impressed with the ever-increasing quality of theatrical trailers as the world and story evolved. Dragon Age might be king of fantasy genre trailers and movie-style cut scenes.

Sure, D&D has done movie clips before, but this one blows away any they’ve ever released.  Great to see D&D stepping up their movie trailer quality!

Can you spot all the classic D&D heroes and monsters?


D&D Video Gems: Are Comic Book Characters Like D&D Players?

July 29th, 2015

Favicon-jpgThoughtful and entertaining take on the connections between comics and D&D – and more.

Love the embedded pop and gaming culture art, pics and video clips throughout – funny & brilliant!

I really need to finally get a Marvel Heroic Roleplay game together!


Note: Want just the comics and D&D portion of the video?  Watch only the first 8:00. 

D&D Video Gems: Red Box Ninjas

June 30th, 2015

Favicon-jpg How did we miss this Red Box gem?  Ninjas!  That’s how!

Hilarious!  Enjoy & happy summer!