Ravenloft: Get Disintegrated… Twice!

Favicon-jpgWhen’s the last time you played Ravenloft?  Nearly every true D&D fan has heard of or played in Ravenloft, D&D’s classic horror setting.  In fact, my playgroup has been playing in a Ravenloft Ravenloft - silver anniversary editioncampaign (with a few “visits” back home to the Forgotten Realms) for about 14 levels now, and it’s been a blast!

My brother and DM ran us through the classic Ravenloft module (loved the D&D gamebook too!).  There we attempted to negotiate with (well the greedy half-orc warrior did, BAD IDEA) – and were swiftly defeated by – the great Lord Strahd Von Zarovich himself.  Along the way, Ravenloft devoured two of my characters – both lost to disintegration!  (This just in, failed saves against the disintegrate spells or beholder eye rays are really, really bad!)

If you’re looking for classic horror in your D&D look no further than the Ravenloft setting this Halloween and beyond.  We journey back there every once in a while, as who can resist some occasional good ol’ classic horror with their D&D?

What are you favorite Ravenloft memories?  Campaign, gamebook, board game, others?  I’d love to hear your stories – especially your own disastrous encounters with Strahd Von Zarovich!

Happy Halloween everyone!


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