D&D Looks, Fires: Touchdown! NFC Edition

One more Gaming & Gridiron article and poll before we officially kick off tonight!  If you missed it, here’s Tuesday’s AFC poll.  Thanks for voting!

World Domination… or Saving?

I’ve selected several of the top teams and Superbowl hopefuls, and given them a gaming personality.  Which NFC team would you send to conquer – or save – the D&D Universe?

If you could only send one team, which would you send to conquer – or save – the worlds of Nerath, Dark Sun, Dragonlance, Eberron and the Forgotten Realms?


Which team would you send to conquer - or save - the D&D Universe? NFC Edition

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Conquering – or saving – the world is what you and your D&D playgroup do.  You’re heroes!  And like I mentioned in the AFC edition post, it takes solid teamwork to reach some of these incredible heights and be able to tell these amazing stories.

Want to know more about about teamwork and tactics in D&D?  Look right here if you haven’t yet!


What?  All those teams would fail?  The D&D Universe is doomed?  I suppose it could happen.  After all, we never really know if that next encounter might be our last, do we?  The total party kill is a more agile, elusive beast in 4e (curse those healing surges!)… but nonetheless, it is possible!   Who would you send instead?

Enjoy tonight’s opening NFL season game, Saints-Packers, everybody!  And here’s to you and your playgroup taking over or saving the world in your next D&D game!

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