Sailing the Seas of Tactical Mastery

You may have read a bit about positioning in Encounter Start: Distance Matters, but now I’m here to break down one simple rule:

Time and positioning lead to tactical mastery. 

Keep this idea present in your mind in all combats, and you will achieve tactical mastery.  Why?  Because every successful tactic in combat starts with time and positioning.  Each offers powerful advantages in battle.

Positioning is Opportunity

The most important thing excellent positioning gives you is the opportunity to employ not only your best tactics, but the ability the choose from a variety of tactics.  If you’re too close to your enemy, or too far, your options dwindle.

For example, a melee-bruiser fighter announcing himself to an enemy a hundred feet away causes an immediate disadvantage.  The opportunities to strike from melee range are not yet present.  The wizard or sorcerer who faces that same fighter, however, suddenly has a host of not only spells to choose from, but other tactical options such as taking cover or retreating to a more defensible position.

When you don’t put yourself in a place that allows you to move and strike your target(s) in a single turn, you significantly deplete both your and your allies’ opportunities to attack in battle.  That’s right – it’s not all about you!  Be sure to always look for ways to help melee allies flank or take hits for your weaker allies if you’re tough as nails.  Fill your role to create more opportunities for both you and your allies to shine in combat.

Time is Actions

Great positioning also buys or saves your more time – whether that time is used to engage or disengage the enemy more quickly, or simply used more efficiently so there’s more adventure progress in your alotted session time.  The faster you get to excellent position for your role, the more actions you can take and more attacks you can make in battle.  And who doesn’t want that?  Everyone wants to contribute and shine in combat – but you can’t do it without the time-savings and options that great positioning provides.

Full Speed Ahead

Next time you play, make excellent positioning by role or class a priority for your playgroup.  Go out of your way to create flanking situations for allies, to bunch up enemies for allies’ area attacks, and even secure and defend exits and chokepoints.  Get into the habit of creating constant opportunities and efficient action economy by focusing on superior positioning every round.  With practice and valuing time and positioning, tactical play will become second nature for you.

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