To October… and Beyond!

Hey everyone, happy gaming and happy football Sunday!  A great day as my Patriots dropped 52 big ones and looked pretty good doing it! 

But enough about football (you know I’m a huge RPG and NFL fan, of course!), here’s an update on what October and the rest of 2012 looks like for both me and Leonine Roar.  Here’s what you can expect as the chill of autumn and winter settles in…

1) Teach D&D to Brand New Players.  Earlier this year I introduced a friend’s fiance to D&D – she’d never played anything like it and was curious.  Next, I’ll be introducing my cousin to D&D – and instead of 4e, we’re going to playtest D&D Next together along with her boyfriend, a long-time Pathfinder player.  This event goes down Saturday, we’re all very excited! 

  • What to Expect on Leonine Roar?  More advice for and observations on teaching and encouraging new players, like this one, based on my experiences this coming weekend.  I love to teach as much as I love to write, so this will be a blast – and insightful too!

 2) Play More D&D Next and Pathfinder.  With over a decade of D&D 3.x experience, mostly as DM, I hear this will be like riding a bike.  Their newest box set is in my Amazon cart – along with Avengers on blu-ray of course!  I keep hearing how quality it is, plus a friend of mine plays it heavily, plus one of my longtime D&D group guys really wants to try it (yes, the power gamer, what a shocker!) plus I want to study, play and master the rules set in the event I have opportunities to work on 3.x or Pathfinder projects.  Wouldn’t that be cool!  I love D&D Next’s direction, but our 4e games have come to an end in my group, so Pathfinder and D&D Next are now high on the list of what I’ll be GM’ing next.

  • What to Expect on Leonine Roar?  More reviews of Pathfinder and D&D Next playtest.  Two playtest packets into Next now, so pretty exciting times.  Can’t wait to “go back” to some old school 3.x-ish gaming again, and see how it’s changed for the better.  Hey as long those horrific 3.x grapple rules are better in Pathfinder, I’ll actually GM it a while!

 3) Play More Dragon Age.  And by play, I mean play as a player too, which I’ve been doing since early summer with my brother as GM – and he’s done a tremendous job creating the gritty, dark fantasy Dragon Age feel in our stark, deadly adventures. 

  • What to Expect on Leonine Roar?  It’s impossible not to notice the passion of the playing community.  The Dragon Age RPG is popular for good reason.  It’s also impossible for me not to notice how much I’m enjoying it – especially how invested I feel in my Avvar warrior, a barbarian whose whole tribe was just wiped out by darkspawn – except for the women, and only the women capable of bearing children, who were instead taken into the skies by wyverns.  Already a brutal tragedy, just add unimaginable horrors.  That happened last time, and we’re still chasing the wyvern captors down.  My point of all this?  To show you just a dash of how awesome Dragon Age can be – and to let you know expect me to talk more about the tremendous world and smooth, comfortable game system that is Dragon Age.  Similar in feel and complexity to D&D 2e, Green Ronin’s Dragon Age designers and ever-growing community continue to impress – and impress mightily.

4) More Balanced Crunch & Flavor – with a Shot of Humor.  All of these are Leonine Roar staples – and you can see them in my ongoing Faster Combat project with Johnn Four, too – so there is plenty more to come! 

  • What to Expect on Leonine Roar?  With my work schedule shifting in October, I’ll be back to a more regular schedule of content of weekly or bi-weekly articles. 

Thanks so much for reading and following Leonine Roar – especially during one very busy, crazy wild summer of work and projects!  Your understanding, kindness and support have been awesome – thank you again and talk to you soon!

Kilsek (Tony)

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